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Welcome to godsavinggrace.com. This web-site was created to bring hope and inspiration to everyone who visits this site. It was also created to educate people about God’s saving grace. Meaning when terrible things happen to us that eventually turns into a triumphant or victorious events or situations. This we will done through testimonies of God’s people that experience victorious outcomes from bad accidents or incidents that happened in their lives. Most people would call these accidents or incidents God’s miracles. Because the accidents and incidents we are referring to are situations where the person would have died or would’ve been permanently damage but that didn’t happen. These incidents can’t be explained logically. Some people would say that these so-called miracles are just lucky circumstances. But God’s believers know better. The submitting of these testimonies will culminate into an inspirational devotional book where the proceeds will go to fight Brest Cancer and AIDS in Africa. So I am calling all God’s people to post their stories I will start with mine. Hi, my name is Kofi Baruti I am a former retired school teacher my story happen several years ago. I was 45 years old I was working for a temp agency called Georgia Temp which was own by Georgia Pacific. I work as a Dock Loader in a warehouse in Norcross, Georgia. My job was to load heavy doors onto large pallets and load these pallets of doors unto a truck for shipment. One night as I was finishing loading my pallets of doors unto the truck for shipment an incident happen. I parked my fort lift at the front of the loading dock which was on an incline position. I went to close the curtain to the truck with the load and the brakes on the fort lift brakes failed and the fort lift rolled down and crush me against the truck. This accident left me with severely crushed ribs so crushed that it pierced my left lung. I lost a lot of blood when they took me to the emergency room at Gwinnett Medical Center I only had four pints of blood. Since I had a lacerated lung they tried to put a trachea down my throat to get me to breathe but I went into cardiac arrest and lost oxygen to my brain. The medical team at Gwinnett Medical also had to take out my spleen because it was so badly ruptured. After all of this the doctors were ready to give up on me take me down to the hospital morgue. However, I believe by the grace of God I was still alive. I was still alive but I was in a coma for several days. The doctors told my wife that even if I did come out of my coma I would have severe brain damage which also didn’t happen. Actually I don’t remember anything about the accident itself I did remember going to work that Monday afternoon and the next thing I knew I woke up next Monday morning with five tubes coming out of my body. One tube was a ventilator in my mouth, two tubes on both side of my back and two tubes on both side of my chest. Today, I have retired from an energy company as a customer service representative, taking high volume calls at a call center in Atlanta, GA. I thank God for his saving grace.

Written by Kofi


Some people may have asked this question from time to time. We that are Christians believe we are blessed or favored by God. But what should we do with our blessings, or how should we express our gratitude to God? We often may have been guilty of forgetting God’s blessing, so what will happen to us if we continully forget to thank God for our blessings? The people who don’t believe in our Lord and Savour Jesus Christ what would come of them when they don’t acknowledge God’s blessing? A blessing when Christians refers to it has several meanings from the act or words of a person who blesses (such as a priest), a special favor, mercy, or benefit, a favor or gift by God thereby bringing happiness, the invoking of God’s favor upon a person, praise, devotion, worship, especially grace said before a meal, to approval or good wishes. All these examples are expressions of blessing that we have done or experience at some time in ours lives. This article will answer and explore how we must express our gratitude to God whether we are Christians or not, as well as what may happen to us if we don’t.

However, before we answer how and why we should express our gratitude to God’s we need to explore the examples of blessings mention before in this article. The question, “What shall we do with our blessings?” has no purpose unless we explore the several meanings of a blessing. The first example is the act or words of a person (such as a preist) most people think of the catholic church from this example but it has its roots in the Old Testament (to hear the word of the Lord click on Ezekiel 44 ) Ezekiel 44:30. This was started by the children of Israel as am expression of gratitude for God’s blessing. The next example of meaning would be a special favor or mercy or benefit from God. Regarding God’s favor in the book of (to hear the word of the Lord click on Malachi 1)Malachi 1:9 this was regarding Israel’s offerings to the Lord. Still another example regarding God’s mercy in found in the book of (to hear the word of the Lord click on Isaiah 63) Isaiah 63:7. This scripture is referring to Israel’s remembering God’s mercies toward themThe next example is God’s blessing through praise, devotion or worship. There will be several examples of God’s praise, devotion, worship in the bible. Referring to God’s praise in (to hear the word of the Lord click 2 Samuel 22) 2 Samuel 22:1 from this scripture David is speaking praise for God’s deliverance from his enemies.  Again David praising God for his victory over his enemies in (to hear the word of the Lord click Psalm 108) Psalm 108: 1.  Regarding God’s praising Him through devotion and worship. In the gospel of John the woman at the well speaks to Jesus about worshiping through devotion and praise in (to hear the word of the Lord click John 4) John 4: 19 – 26. We all must praise and worship God for our blessings through spirit and truth. So these meaning of these examples tells us that we have to be grateful to the Lord for our blessing knowing that every good thing we may do is only a blessing that the Lord allows us to have.

Now back to the question early how shall we express our gratitude to God for our blessing? It can done in several ways but the most important way is to show honor and praise to God for all your blessing. We sometimes think that we do things through our own abilities we have accomplish somethings ourselves. Whether you believe in God or not how do you know without a shadow of a doubt that you actually made all those things happen through the event of your accomplishment? We can’t explain everything that happens in our world why one person dies of a heart attack that never had any bad heart conditions. Or if say another person in your place at your work place with same abilities as you was not able to accomplish to task you were able to. We sometimes don’t give God honor or praise (who made you in the first place) credit for our blessing we have in our lives. I do believe that if more people would do this our world it would be a much better place for everyone to live. There are many examples in the bible on how God’s people honor and praise God for there blessings. In the book of Genesis Leah honor and praise God for her blessing (to hear the word of the Lord click on Genesis 29) Genesis 29:31-35  In this example Leah honor God by acknowledging God’s blessing and then she praise God for the blessing God bestowed on her. Every time God has blessed us we must give God the honor and praise. Still another example of giving honor and praise to God would be found in (to hear the word of the Lord click on Judges 5) Judges 5:3  this is part of the Song of Deborah thanking and praise God for their victory over Jabin king of Canaan. In our worship at church when we are singing we are giving honor and praise to God. When we are witnesses of victories in great obstacles to our friends or relatives we should honor and praise God. An example of this is found in the book (to hear the word of the Lord click Luke18) Luke 18:35-43.

None of my friends or family can explain the blessing of life I experienced through my accident when I was crushed between and fort lift and truck leaving me with severe crack rids and a lacerated left lung and a coma lasting a week. The only thing some of my friends who are non-believers would say is that I was very lucky and for my Christian friends they stated that it wasn’t my time to die and that the Lord had bless me to survive that horrible accident. The accident which I experienced is the very reason I created this web site today. Beside giving honor and praise to my Savior Jesus Christ for my life, this web site, godsavinggrace.com is another expression of praise I give to the Lord for saving my life. I as well as we can never thank God enough for all our blessings we experience in our lives. So we can express our gratitude and thanks to God for our blessings in many ways just always remember to acknowledge God first.

However, what happens when we don’t give God the honor or praise for our blessings? The greatest example of what can happen to people who are ungrateful for the blessings of God were the people of Israel in the Old Testament. God delivered the people of Israel from bondage in Egypt, parted the Red Sea for the people of Israel to escape Pharaoh’s army, brought them to the Promise Land and still they rebelled against God by worshiping idol gods as well as other sins against their God. In the Book of (to hear the word of the Lord click Judges 2) Judges 2:1-4 from this passage of scripture we know that Israel has been conquered by many of there enemies, but through God’s love and mercies God still blessed the people of Israel when they cried out to the Lord. How does this apply to us today? We worship many idol gods ourselves today such as money, sex, alcohol, drugs, women, men, etc. We don’t called them gods but they might as well be when we place these things over our own God. When people place porn on a Christian web site that is placing porn over God. When people want money over spending times with their family that is placing money over God. When we prefer sex over worshiping God we are placing sex over God. When we prefer staying at a bar whether than going to church to worship we have place alcohol over God. When we are taking drugs instead of communion at church we have place drugs over God. When we placed a relationship to a man or a woman over our relationship with God you have placed your own relationship over your relationship with God. All these examples you are worshiping idol Gods and are refusing to praise God for any blessings God is giving you even when you are sinning against God. However, through God’s love and mercies toward us we are sometimes saved from these false gods such as money, sex, alcohol, drugs, women or men. How many times people have told you that they were hook of drugs or sex and was saved through the grace, love, and mercies of God.

 What should we do with our blessing always give God the thank’s glory and praise. You should always give God thanks for our blessings first because God has made this blessings happen in your life. Even for those who don’t believe in God or Christ you should at least thank those people who may have helped you to accomplished your blessing for Jesus said about the final judgement in Matthew 25 31-40 whether you know it or not when you give thanks to people who have help you may be giving praise to God’s people. The next thing you should do when you receive a blessing is give God the glory for you can’t do anything without God. The last and I think the most important thing you should do when you have a blessing is praise God. Not just by thanking God but praising God through everything you do that day or week. We should we do this by thanking him for your life, your friends, you job, your family, your abilities, your money and assets. Your do this get get more blessing from God because God loves you all the more when you are praising him everyday. I am a witness to this in my own life, I have found when I praise God even when things are going bad for me, God blesses me in ways I can’t even imagine such a raise or promotion at my job I didn’t ask for. So we should always thank God, glorify God, and most important praise God when we receive blessings from the Lord.  What do you think?

written by Kofi Baruti


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